How to Write a Strong CV / Resume for MBA Applications

In this video, we talk about how to write a strong CV for your MBA application. Business schools want to see application CVs written in a certain way in terms of format, length and language.

What are my chances of getting accepted into a top 10 MBA program?

In this video we speak about basic parameters business schools will look in their applicants. Naturally, there is more to it than these basic parameters, but age, gender, GPA, GMAT, business experience are definitely some of the most important factors business schools will look at.

How to increase your chances of getting into a top MBA program through networking

This video discusses the various ways of using your existing network and acquiring a new network that will help you to make the decision which business school to apply to.

Selecting the MBA programs that are right for you

Most candidates apply to several business schools to maximize their chances. Which schools should you select? we discuss this further in this video.

How to address the MBA Application optional essay

Many schools include space for a small, optional essay.

Your job as an MBA applicant is to understand and anticipate the concerns the school may have while reading your application and if needed, use the optional essay to address these concerns.

This video discusses the question: should you be writing the optional essay or not.

Making the Most of your Business School Campus Visit

This video discusses the way you can utilize business school campus visits in the best possible way towards your MBA Admissions.

The most common MBA interview questions

Here in this video, we will discuss common MBA interview questions.

How to prepare for your MBA interview

This video discusses the MBA interview and the best way to prepare for it.

It includes some do’s and don’ts regarding the scheduling, what to wear, how to behave etc.